Have you ever looked at a guitar or had a guitar a thought ... "omg what a crappy guitar, i would never like it..." and find yourself liking it after awhile...

Or perhaps you find yourself playing or liking a guitar everyone else think sucks....

Well i for one have experienced this. When i was given a crappy OLD strat copy, i thought it was a piece of junk ... that i would never play. However I was FORCED to play it when i lent my ibanez to a friend for a few months.... now having modified the guitar, i find that i actually like it more than my ibanez.... even though it does not sound that great...

share ur experience..
It's kind of with a guitar I already own, but my Peavey Raptor EXP.. the truss rod got messed up and I had some major problems and hated it for a while. My Jackson in in Drop B atm and you all probably know that does not have good RHCP tones, and I was in that mood, so I picked up my Peavey and was like, omfg, I love you. It was playing good and stuff, I think I have it fixed.
Not to mention I completly gave it a custom look. One board day with tape and other stuff and you get quite a creation.
i got a Les paul jay turser

and i always wanted a jakcson dinky with a floyd rose

i eventually got the jackson

i always find myself playin the Jay turser

its a great guitar

i hate my jackson honestly
Didn't use to like telecasters - I thought they looked ugly and that the headstock looked wierd - but over time my opinion changed, and now that I've got a tele I find it's the strat headstock which looks wierd
i also love my behringer v-tone 1200 amp modeler

which is probaly why my jay turser sounds so good

but the guitar plays and feels great
As much as people say that Peavey Raptors are junk I love mine. It was my first electric and I have had it about 12-13 years. It is a Peavey Raptor International Series 1.

It's in almost perfect shape I have taken good care of it.
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As the title says, i busted a nut lol
how much do they cost to fix?
3 words.
Tom Delonge Strat.

Nobody else likes these.
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I used to dislike Teles. Having the Deluxe has made me appreciate the beautiful shape of the chunky Tele body. I love all Teles now, they're gorgeous to look at.

And I hated my Squier until I got a good amp. I was a n00b, didn't realize the amp was the really awful link in my chain, and not me or the guitar.
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I used to hate Teles and SGs.
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I used to hate les paul shaped and only like strat shaped stuff, a year later, i started to like LP shape guitars, now like SG shapes as well,lol
squiers. everybody seems to hate them. they are wrong. squiers are aimed at beginners but its the beginners that say they suck, because its the beginners who don't know how to setup their guitars properly. with a good setup as far as i care, speaking as a fender owner, a good squier (one that would've passed quality control if they had any sort of standards) can easily rival a fender.

i used to hate anything and everything fender, now i rarely play anything other than a fender.
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.
my squier i love, its my favorite guitar as of now. that might change when i buy a real fender tho.

i love my spider III amp it has the tones i like and it does everything that i want it too. and tbh, i like it better than a similarly price vox
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I used to think Fender Telecasters looked hideous. Now I think they look pretty awesome.
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Yeah! Most of what I own! LOL I have a Line 6 Spider II amp head with a PRO cab and I love it. We all have seen the bad rap they get. I have several guitars people don't seem to care for BC Rich, my low end DEANs, Epiphones, Jay Tursers the list goes on. I have over 30 guitars now and I think most of them are on the I hate that guitar list! LOL Sometimes I wonder if the people who hate these things ever tried them or are just jumping on the band wagon? (Pun intended) My Jay Tursers are awesome and the few I have tried sounded great and played great as well. This is why I like to try guitars out a few times before I buy. So far the only guitar I have been dissapointed in is the old Epi Les Paul Special I got on Ebay. I only paid $60.00 shipped with a nice HS case. It was listed as not working and it didn't but there were just a few little problems and I had the parts it was covered in stickers and glu from old ones but that all came off with little trouble. The reason I was not happy with it is because the body is Plywood. It's heavy and solid but I never cared for Plywood guitars. I still need to change the pots the really s*ck. I'll hang on to it and probably use it for a travel guitar or give it to someone whos just starting but not until I tweak it a bit.

You will notice I never tell anyone that guitar is junk or don't buy it. I always tell people to try it out and if you like it buy it. Why spend 1000s if your happy with a $250.00 or less guitar just because people don't care for a certain guitar or manufacturer. I don't care for Fender guitars but people love them. I would never tell someone not to buy one. Just because I don't care for them doesn't mean they are bad it just means they are not for me. Now if I come across another 60s Strat or any guitar I don't care for, for $50.00 or less at a yard sale you know I would buy it just for the investment and use it torwards the purchase something I do want.

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