Hey all,

I have about $500 USD to buy a new amp with. The most I'll probably be doing is practise with a band so I only need something that's 30-50 amps. More importantly, I need something that is versatile, as I play everything from 80's heavy metal to a more clean (and I hate to say it, Green Day-ish) tone, and even some light blues (although gain is the priority... as long as the cleans are passable it's fine). In terms of effects, I have a Boss distortion pedal... and that's pretty much it, but I can get delay pedals and whatnot later on.

I'm playing a Agile AL-2000 (yes, I know, it's not the best but I'm saving money for a better guitar later on and it's great for the price), if that makes a difference.

Any suggestions?
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Since cleans are important, I'd suggest something like a Peavey Classic 30, great amp and could be found under your price range with enough left over to buy a Digitech Bad Monkey or another OD to get a little more gain out of it.
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i recommend a Voxad50vt!!!
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I've been looking at the Peavey and have been considering it... I'll take a look next time I drop by a music store that carries it. Any other suggested amps to try out? Thanks a lot guys =)