Yeah i've been playing for about a year and half now and fingerstyle has become my forte. I was considering starting to learn slide guitar and was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions of books or instructional material to get learning with. Cheers
I have a book called fretboard roadmaps for slide guitar, but to be perfectly honest I don't use it that much. I just like putting my guitar in an open tuning and messing about. The very basics (getting a slide, how to "fret" with it, etc) are described here:


One of the first things I wanted to play was a tune called "You Gotta Move" by Fred McDowell. There's a tab for it here:


Also if you're interested in acoustic blues in general, check out this guy's vids:


Only a few of his vids are slide, but he has some very cool tips nonetheless. I like him a lot.

Hope that's of some help at least., have fun!