Do you guys have any tips to do the " F " notes? My first finger can't press down hard enough.
that seems odd to me, check how your bridge is adjusted
your strings might be raised to high off the fret board
"F" notes? At any rate, if your fingers aren't physically strong enough to push the string down, and your action isn't 3 inches off the fret board, you just need stronger fingers. Play until they bleed.
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I don't think its that. My first finger isn't pressing hard enough.

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Have you ever seen one of these?

They're great for building up strength in fingers, I've been using one for about 2 months now and don't get much buzz anymore. Helps you play faster and more accurately too I think just squeezing a tennis ball will have pretty much the same effect.
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well if your fingers are weak then just look up some finger exercises, one that i do is start on the high e string and play fret 1, then 2, then 3, then 4, then go to the B string and do the same, and once you finsih on the low e string go down one fret on the low e string so you playing from frets 2 to 5 and do the same thing going from EADGDe then go down another fret on the high e string and start at high e and get back to low e and keep reapeting until you get to about the 12th fret. keep at a steady pace and you can change the order you hit the frets like (your fingers are number as pointer finger 1, middle 2, ring 3, and pinky 4) and just change the order you play it. the example i gave was 1234, after a while you could try 1324 or 2341 or 3142. You can also practice alternating picking with this as well.

Hope i helped