hey just wondering if anyone plays guitar like andy mckee/stanley jordan etc?
i'm beginning to play classical pieces (great way to make use of a 7 string guitar) playing the bass stave on my left hand and tapping the treble with my right hand.

the problem is...
im developing calluses on my right hand fingers and i have not much feeling now when i use normal classical guitar techniques. its not a real problem yet, but is it still possible to play classical guitar with no feeling in your fingers??

if anyone has had or overcome this problem some advice would be great
you can remove calluses, and personally I prefer removed calluses as the skin is sensitive yet hard. Nail clippers, biting, files all work. You don't have to play with the flesh of your fingertips, though, and most classical guitarists don't nowadays.

Either fingerpicks or nails (normally filled at an agle to a point) are fairly common.
oh ok sweet
but tapping may be a bit difficult with long nails, and picks on classical doesn't really get the sound i like... the sound of using your fingertips on a classical guitar does give it a rich warm sound too..

thanks for the advice though guys!
I've got another problem with that. Whenever I tap notes higher up on the neck I get another really nasty tone to go along with the one I want. It doesn't seem to be a problem for people who are proficient at this style of playing. Anyone know how to prevent this?

That is simply the vibration of the string on the other side of the fret too, and that is probably one of the biggest problems for touch style. If done on an electric, it will not matter because the pickups will not pickup the noise. On an acoustic, however, the sound can travel (although not as loud or far as the correct side will echo through the body). All that you can do is use other fingers on either hand to stop the sound by touching it but not pressing down. Or, if you never use open strings (which is highly unlikely) you could tie a sock or something around it near the nut to do the same thing.