i've noticed that on my SG it is quite difficult to bend the strings. I've lowered the action pretty low myself- would that affect it? Do i have to make a compromise and balance the action against ease of bending the strings?

The gauge i use is 50/11 if that would be helpful. Everything else on the SG is standard ie Tune-o-matic bridge.

Cheers for the help
What tuning are they in? 11s tuned to standard are always gonna be pretty hard to bend.
yeah the tuning is standard- so you think the next batch of strings i get should be 10s? i assume the thinner the string the easier it is to bend?
Probably the strings are too thick for you, that affects the bendability. Either change them for .10 set or suck it up and develop finger strenght.
try a lower gauge of string, but you might lose some tone but you will increase your playability.
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If you can't bend the 11's, go for 10's or detune them. I can't use anything lower than 11's personally coz they are too thin and just snap. I also like the tone of them. But it's YOUR choice in the end, not ours.
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