I wanna get an amp i searched vox ad15vt it has good effects etc. but i'm not sure its delay,chorus are enough i can get pedals one by one its not problem but for modelling amp pedals don't work well (or i'm wrong? ) so should i think buy a tube amp like ibanez valbee then buy pedals or is vox really enough i'm really confused i hope i can tell my problem because my english isnt good
In my country music staffs are very expensive like vox ad15vt is 390 $ valbee is 290 $
rock, hard rock , blues , classical rock (acdc, gunsnroses, gary moore, rhcp ,jimi hendrix etc.)
Well do you want a full tube amp or a half tube amp? The AD15VT will only get you so far. It's like buying a dauchshund when you want a pitbull. Just be carefull what you buy. And don't forget, actually try it out!! We can only tell you so much on UG.

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unfortunately i cant find epi valve jr.
Well do you want a full tube amp or a half tube amp?

im indecisive at this point i can buy tube amp and pedals in time or i can buy ad15vt ican get pedal for it but for modelling amp this wouldn't be good .
In that case, I would say get the Valbee. It can get a good enough range of tones on its own anyway - it has a three-band EQ as well as gain and master volume.
Hmm. You could try ordering from Thomann, but I'm not sure if they would ship to Turkey or not, or even that the amps would be compatible with your country's power supplies.
get the valbee
its good, high gain so if you have higher gain needs it might get you there (like metal)
the only downside is the small speaker :_: you could also try a palomino or a evj, or even a champ 600 Lol
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