Which one is better!? I will mostly be playing clean and built in effects are not important as i have a zoom G2. I will be using a yamaha pacifica 112 through it. I can get them both for a similar price. I prefer the look of the orange but i heard the cube might sound better. Can anyone recommend either of them to me?

Thanks in advance.
The Cube is better. Howeverrr...you could probably get something better.

What kinds of music do you play and how much can you spend?

How about a Vox Valvetronix? If you want high gain chugga chugga, go for the cube, though.
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i own a roland 20x its really good amp.. i like the the 2 metal channels there pretty kool and effects are great. and sound is superb
Perhaps an Epiphone Valve Jr.? It has a nice clean tone and takes pedals really well.
Vox valvetronix AD30VT or EVJ would do you pretty well.
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