Hey there, sorry for another "which amp" thread, but I need help on an amp specifically for me.

So here's the catch, I need a new amp as I don't have one yet after a year and a half of playing guitar and I just recently started playing in a band with friends. My budget is $1000 CAN, may decide to go a bit higher depending on the amp. I need a good versatile amp, with good amounts of distortion without sarcificing a good clean tone(quite obvious). I cover a large variety of bands from The Cure to Metallica to Oasis to Rise Against.

My current guitar is an Epiphone Dot if it makes any difference but will be looking into a new guitar soon.

So any help on an amp fitting those descriptions would be greatly appreciated as I'm not much of a gear head with different cabs and heads etc..

Thanks again in advance.
ENGL Screamer combo methinks
Randall and Laney are good alternatives too, but I'm in love with ENGLs
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