I'm not really sure if here is the right place to make that thread ^^
I'd like to learn some Necrophagist stuff, and I'd like to know which of their song(s) is the easiest (or should I say least hard) to play sweeping is not my biggest problem, it is rather hyper fast alt picking ^^
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Extreme Unction is IMO their "easiest" song. Not to complicated for someone who has been playing for a while.
I'm not sure if "Easiest Necrophagist Song" is an advanced technique... <_<
try Fermented Offal Discharge. it's not that hard but some of the rhythms are weird
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I'm not sure if "Easiest Necrophagist Song" is an advanced technique... <_<

can u play a necro song? if not check the tabs, from a 1-10 scale id give them 7
Nope, I'm fairly certain at my current level playing I wouldn't have a snowballs chance in hell playing their stuff.
But what I'm saying is that "Easiest Necrophagist Song" isn't an advanced technique. An advanced technique would be something like "sweep picking", or "two handed tapping" etc.
On the other hand Necrophagist contains a lot of advanced technique and this is the advanced technique forum so asking for a song with advanced technique in it isn't really wrong is it?
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Diminished to B

and Stillborn One up to the fast stuff
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****, if feel so **** when im around people who say stabwounds is easy...

I just started learning the song bout month ago, i didnt realise how it easy it is, the only part i havent fully learnt is the sweep/tap bit he does each time at the end of the mini solo,.
What i did was basicaly learn a riff every few days or so and eventually i would just piece them together, i just need to perfect on making it sound tight as hell.
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Culinary Hyperversity is absolutely the easiest one...
and Extreme Unction i reckon.
when it comes to solos... Stabwound was easiest for me.
and the first part of Stillborn One is child's play:P the second is ridiculously hard!! but it has the best Necro riffs in my opinion... and the beethoven part
Diminished to B is kinda... well it's ****ed up
it's easy but it's not... the last part, you would think is a peace of cake, i had some trouble playing that perfect for some time...
and Seven is quite easy for Necro difficulty...

It doesn't really matter witch one you choose to learn first, because they're all weird in one way or another (Except for A.C.T ... leave that one for after the Epitaph album)
... so just pick one and commit to it.
It's just like learning any other technical Classical pieces. Frustration & Joy... damn' right