I need to draw a class diagram for the game "Frogger" and i have no idea how. Does anyone here know? Help me out, please!!
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Just draw the game?

Edit: Oh hang on. I think I've got this wrong. I don't even know what a UML diagram is...
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Just draw the game?

that's not a class diagram.
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Is there no program structure he's given you? No source code?

Are you using DIA? Visio maybe?


No, the lecturer didn't give us anything. And what's DIA and Visio?
"When I grow up, I wanna be a vampire bat"

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I assumed a class diagram was a diagram for your class lol.

So what's a class diagram?

A class diagram in object oriented programming, is a diagram (obviously) pointing out the methods and variables of that class. I don't actually know the level of detail your diagram should have, but I guess pretty simple for the given occasion. Your methods should be something like:
and some other methods for the traffic, the river (and for colors maybe O.o). I haven't done lots of research on UML but I got some books on Java that use UML to describe classes. You shouldn't list the code of the method. Just the header.
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