Could anyone give me any info on getting a Rex Brown like tone? Im not trying to rip him off but I really do like his sound and I wouldn't mind sounding similar.
I think EMG pickups would get you some of the way there his tone to me always seemed very EMG-y.

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A big part of his tone was his scooped mids for that chunky, thumping, somewhat empty tone.
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It's a combination of the EMG pickups, his USA Spector basses, and his ampeg stacks. Lots of them. I'd suggest cutting some high mids, leaving the low mids a little less than flat, the bass a little more than flat, and the treble a little more than flat. Play aggressively with a pick, and voila. The Ampeg stacks will help the most to getting his tone. He used to use SVT-2 PROs on the older stuff, which IMO, he sounded the best on. Therefore, an all-tube amp will help. He switched to the SVT-4 PRO later on, and it seems like he all but disappeared under Dime's guitar on the later albums. Listen to Cowboys from Hell to hear his tube tone. I, for one, like it much better than his SS tone.
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Listen to Cowboys from Hell to hear his tube tone. I, for one, like it much better than his SS tone.

+1, his tone in Cowboys from Hell is the ultimate metal tone in my book.
There's a guide to his tone in the manual for Mxr M-80 Bass DI+ that are his settings exactly.

I don't remember the dirty channel, but it's:

Bass - 2 O'Clock
Mids - 10 O'Clock
Treble - 2 O'Clock

If I remember, I'll have a look for the manual now.
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