hi guys
As i have blown up my marshall g100 rcd again, its time to get somthing else.
I play metalish sounding stuff (killswitch engage kinda sound) and im considering the Randall RH150G3 ive seen it for £250 which seems very reasonable and the reviews and general talk is good on them.
what else would you guys advise within the £200 to £350 bracket.
If you can add another £19 to that, you can get the Randall RG50TC combo. It's better than the G3, it's excellent for metal, it's all-valve and it's loud enough for any gigs you might have to play.
size is an issue seeing as my cab is stored where we practise and i have no room for a chinky combo in my flat.
thanks for the advise tho
For that price you're best off getting the RH150, I was considering it myself before I fell in love with ENGLs. You could try out the Peavey Valveking head as well, being all-valve it has better tone and you can use a pedal to push the OD into the territory you're looking for
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thanks mate... i tried out a valve king and it didnt do anything for me. I havnt heard of ENGL are they in the same price range?
Quote by strungoutuk
I havnt heard of ENGL are they in the same price range?

LOL just looked them up and doesnt look like it..
look nice tho