Hi, i'm buying a new amp. And i'm thinking of buying a marshall AVT 50X, from a site called rockingrooster which is well cheap. Please tell me now if it's dodgy. The thing is I dont think the footswitch comes with it, i've been on the marshall site which says I need a PEDL 10001- Now where do I get one of thoses!!?? Also can peopel tell me some more good amps for playing metal... e.g trivium metallica.

It's not a great amp, to be honest.

How much can you spend on a new amp? Chances are, you have enough to get something better than the AVT.
Used Marshall JCM800 or 900, perhaps. You'd most likely have to get it off eBay, or from someone who puts up an ad in a guitar mag, but it would probably be good for that sort of stuff. Alternatively, a Peavey Valveking might do it, but I'd take one of the others over that, personally.
are you willing to go used?
You can do a lot better than the AVT, especially for metal
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The AVT series sounds shocking. Deffinately not that 'Marshall sound' you might be looking for
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