hi, im callum & am 16 i play bass
i live in Surrey but can get too surroundin places...London, Brighton, Tonbridge, Woking
im seekin a band or tyin to form one
i'll do any style
so if ya intrested reply or PM me or summat or email me at callum.1991@hotmail.co.uk

Cliff Williams
Tom Hamilton
Robert Levon Been
Paul McCartney
Alex James
Paul Simonon
Duff McKagen
Jake Burns
Mark Wilson
Simon Rix
Chris Edwards
Alonza Bevan
John Paul Jones
Paul Macguigan
Andy Bell
Joel Cadbury
Brett Shaw
Jamie McDonald
Richard Jones
Nikolai Fraiture
Adam Clayton
Simon Jones
John Entwistle
DAYM, I need a bassist but I'm in Manchester
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thanks for the compliment man!