hello all those reading,

Ive got a washburn wi14. its got the basic tone tone volume volume setup. theres nothing wrong with that, but i find the tone controls usless for me. i found out that you can split humbuckers with 4 conductor, so im getting ready to order a set. what i wanted to do is to remove the two tones and replace them with mini toggles. now, 1)will mini toggles actually split coils? 2) if so on/on, on/on/on, ect.? 3) wiring?
(i also have a kill switch)

my "planned" setup is :

3way, volume, volume, kill switch, mini toggle, mini toggle

other suggestions would be great

1) Yes, if wired correctly.
2) On/On will be fine.
3)Here's the wiring diagram, just instead of the push/pull pots shown, use mini toggles, and add the killswitch between the 3-way switch and the output.

Hope that helps
First, the tone pots on most low end Washburns are very poor quality. Do not dismiss the use of a tone pot based on what you are experiencing with that guitar. I speak from experience having owned and currently own more than a few washburns. Get some good alpha pots and caps and you will notice a big difference.

Here is an idea you may want to consider. I am about to gut and rewire a Washburn WI64 so I have been looking for some unique wiring options. I was over checking out pickups on the Dimarzio site and ran across a number of diagrams where you can use the selector switch to do the splits. Here is an example where they use a 5 way rotary switch to do really do it all. I just need to figure out if I have enough room and adjust for using 2 volumes and 2 tones.


There are others that use 3 and 4 way switches as well.

Just some food for though
thanks to both of you.

i really have considered keeping the tone pot, but i have tested them in other guitars, and really dont have any use for them, but it was appreciated.

james- i didnt know about seymour's diagrams! i looked trough and found page's diagram, i know that two of the four have to be splitters, but what are the others, phase?
the other two switches in the Jimmy Page style wiring are for putting the pickups in/out of pase with each other, and for putting them in series/parallel with each other. If you really don't want tone controls but want all four switchable options, you could wire your guitar so that each volume is a push-pull pot for splitting the pickup whose volume it controls (same as in the Jimmy Page diagram), and replace the tone pots with mini toggles to do in phase/out of phase and series/parallel.
i thought they were. i had asked a guy at my local store about phasing, but he gave me a long description of how it works, i wanna know how it sounds. could you give me a zepplin song you know hes used it on (IV or physical graffiti preferably). i know people say you should keep a tone control, but i really dont use it, and i dont wanna be playing a accidentally roll it off. plus, the capacitors add a load to the signal, even w/ the tone all the way up.

thanks again