What do u call the action of scratching your pick along the strings of an electric guitar, which creates like a cool distorted slide sound of some sort....

and how do u get that effect?

hope u guys understood what i meant hah
pick scratch/slide is what its called

as for your question about creating the effect just turn your pick sideways and slide it up or down the strings it works best on the braided strings (EAD) but with enough gain you can get the effect on the gbe strings to
pick scrape...just scrape the side of your pick down the strings, usually the bottom three coz they're thicker.
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But try to keep the same speed. Don't increase or decrease the speed you're sliding at
oh....i kinda had a go at it before....but it just gave an ordinary string noise effect.....no distortion effect.....
You put the side of the pick onto the string and slide it up the string. It'll only work on the wound strings (i.e. the 3 lowest) as the effect is achieved as the pick hits each coil on the windings.
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