Wait... my bad
i thought u meant what order in buying them haha woops
seems like the others have answered so il leave it at that
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"how do you make a 15 watt solid state amp sound good?"
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step one, insert screwdriver into speaker
step two buy a good amp
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ideally, it should be

Guitar > Overdrive > Reverb > Amp

or reverb in effects loop of amp if you have one

thanks, thats how I have it set up but I just had brain fart and forgot if I had it in the right order.
What he said. ^^

Effects loops can get messy imo. But I'm not too knowledgable, my reverb comes from my Twin, not a pedal.
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The conventional way would be either OD->Reverb->Amp or OD->Amp->reverb in Fx loop, but putting the OD after the reverb might give you some interestingly weird sounds.
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