Yo im 19 and I'm looking to start up a metal band. The idea is to incorporate Thrash, Progressive, Classical and a bit of melodic death metal. My influences for the band is
Megadeth, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, In Flames (pre reroute), Black Label Society, White Zombie and Frédéric Chopin

I live in Hauppauge, Long Island

I pretty open to other genres but if they have no skill in playing or singing, I don't want to here bout it. I'm trying hard to not sound like an prick. LoL

Pretty much looking for a drummer, bassist and singer
Anyone interested?

I play guitar and piano and can do a bit of vocals but mostly backing(emphasis on BIT)

guitar=2 years
piano=13 years

Also, unless you're the next Bonham, Sheehan or Ozzy don't respond if you live more than 40 minutes away.

I really don't care bout age for the most part but if your younger than 17, you are gona have to really stick out for me to take you seriously.

You do NOT need to know musically theory BUT it helps alot and if you want me to teach you some in the band I will me more than happy to.

I'm actually a pretty chill metalhead

Last thing, please don't be a pussy lol. I don't want you to go and burn churchs like Mayhem did but I need people with some balls.(metaphoric speaking)

Peace Out People
yo bro its me again, im soory i didnt call but im in upstate right now and i dont know if my phone covers those roaming fees (****in att)

but i was talking to my bassist, and he said he found a drummer who is like friends with one of his friends, and we all going to go to the drummers house some day after thanksgiving weeked. if youre still interested, just tell me. but dont call me cuz im still in upstate and i dont want you to get roaming fees, or me get roaming fees, cuz that just drains money out of your pocket

so if youre still down, just reply to the forum or some ****, or call me tommorow when ill be back in the city
Look at my avatar and tell me it ain't the cutest baby you've ever seen.
i might still be, i got to see what im doing this weekend cuz idk yet but yeah i contact ya to let u know whats up