i've got caluses on my pointer and middle but i cant get them on my ring and pinky. I can't slide my ring and pinky and it's making it hard to play a lot of songs. any suggestions?
practice practice and more practice
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you have to use those fingers more when you play. If you use them to play, you will get callouses
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Try doing a practice session where you imagine your index and middle finger got chopped off and can only play with your ring and pinky fingers

after a couple times the strength you'll gain in those 2 fingers will be amazing
(and the calluses will come naturally)
maybe dont play so hard...thats something i learned. if u dont strangle the neck,its easier to play,and make ur fingers easier to move around
good luck
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Lots of slides with those fingers?
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do excercises like this with just your ring and pinky fingers. chances are, if you don't play with them that much, they're like little autistic fingers anyway, so it'll also build up your speed with them.


and so on.
play. play alot.
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For your ring finger, play a TON of heavy bends. Your fingertip will be torn up in an hour or two and you're well on your way to getting callouses.

As for the pinky, I personally don't have much of a callous on it and it doesn't effect my playing at all.
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