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So, just wondering what you guys think the best Linux OS is, I think I've put the main ones, so discuss away, hopefully I'll find the best one to dual-boot with XP.
Linux sux0r
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I like Debian on my server
but its like always 8 months outdated and has some slightly too anal rules about keeping everything open source (eg: something about the Firefox logo and name being copyrighted or something)

so Ubuntu seems to be the favourite these days for omgiman00bdoolbootinglinux

Slackware was pretty neat
Gentoo is very up to date and even if it does take a while to figure out how to install it, you learn a couple of things in the process......but you then have to watch things compile for hours and hours

First of all it's called Linux Distro's (Distributions) not OS's....

My favorite is Slackware, I'm using it right now.
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