Hey, I have a Fender MIM strat (there's a pic in my profile) and right now it is tuned down one whole step. I want to play that Sevendust song "Waffle" cause I love those gangster down tuned riffs. I'm wondering, in order to be tuned with sevendust, I have to go down one half step on all strings, and then one WHOLE step on my low E string. Do I need to do some innotating or adjusting to do this?
P.S. Here's the song, listen for the HEAVY guitar part with just one chord, thats what i want. http://youtube.com/watch?v=Ey046roWN6M
not sure if this is what ur asking, but one whole step down and then the e string down a whole, but from low to high, it would be...

6 - C
5 - G
4 - C
3 - F
2 - A
1 - D

just remember that if u tune the e down a whole step, it will almost always be the same note as the 4th string, just an octave difference.
Are you asking how to tune it like that?

Just tone your low E down another half step, and all the other strings up a half step. That's it.
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