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Agile PS-924WE
7 27%
Fender Standard Stratocaster
14 54%
Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top
5 19%
Voters: 26.
So I am down to three guitars that I want for Christmas:

Agile PS-924WE
Fender Standard Stratocaster (MIM)
Epiphone Standard Plus Top Les Paul

I know these guitars are very different and I feel like a hypocrite because I always tell people to test the guitars themselves. But I can't really play the Agile anywhere, so I'm really looking for how the Agile compares to the other two. I play everything Led Zeppelin, Boston, OK GO, Blink 182, Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, Kansas, Clapton everything, so I need a very versatile guitar. I will also be getting an Epiphone Vavle Junior to play it through. And I have a question about that too, if I got a DigiTech RP250 would it kill the amp's tone? Thanks for the help
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I would go with the strat. I think it's probably the most versatile guitar ever made, even though I know others will disagree...
Lot's of people on the Strat side eyy. But the Agile is just so sexy haha. And how bout the effects pedal that I said with the EVJ how would it sound. I'd probably also get a Bad Monkey overdrive.
You Look Like I Need A Drink
Quote by Jason_Parker
I would go with the strat. I think it's probably the most versatile guitar ever made

+1 the LP is what i would take next, its pretty darn versatile also. but IMO the strat is better at that price range
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