yea so i pretty much know what i want i want a tamkmine jumbo i like it alot it looks nice plays nice also sounds good
but one thing i was picking up other guitars like a martin i dont know it has a brighter sound to it and the tamkine has more of a deep sound i really liked how that martin sounded what makes the guitar have a brighter sound it souned so clean is it the woods or what is it ?
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i know that the takamine has solid Sitka Spruce tops and flame maple back and sides
but i picked up a few martins and they all had that brand new bright sound to them
it will be the wood/build etc but you now you have the bug...if you buy the tak you will always want the martin...
well considering that most of the acoustic guitars in the world use a combo of spruce and mahogany/rosewood its not only the wood. Its the different types of bracing they use as well. Its the combination of woods and bracings and construction
well for starters, the Takamine you were playing was a jumbo. what body style Martins were you playing? this makes a difference.

second, the strings make a HUGE difference. perhaps the strings on the Takamine were much older than the ones on the Martin.

third, Martin and Takamine just have different sounding guitars. they have different bracing patterns.

and fourth, yeah wood makes a difference, but since the Takamine has maple back and sides... that's probably not the difference in this case. maple is brighter sounding than most common tonewoods.