I have and Epiphone Dot and I love it to death, however my only gripe is that I break strings WAY more often than I think I should be. When I say 'more often' I mean like every two weeks.

I am currently using D'Addario XL .010-.046 gauge strings. Are they too thin, I play pretty hard with my right hand. Should I invest in some thicker strings or is there something else that may be causing this.

Thanks in advance!
There could be a problem with the guitar itself. I would suggest maybe switching to a different sort of strings temporarily. I would recommend Fender Super Bullets 10-46's. For instance Ernie Ball Strings (i know you are using D'Addarios) are much thinner than fenders even though they are apparently the same gauge. Try that first and if so it may possibly be the guitar
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I used D'Addarios for like a year and they are crappy. They get really dirty in no time plus they snap pretty easy. Look into buying some medium-gauge Elixir strings, they are a bit more money but they are great.
You might not be stretching the new strings at all, because new strings (like, fresh from the package) are more likely to snap then after theyve been broken in.
Also, you may just be beating your strings way too hard. If you just turn your amp up, you dont have to pick as hard, and wont break as many strings.
unless im just totally wrong.
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i used d addarios for about 2 months...and in that TIME THEY RUSTED LIKE CRAZY! I COULDNT BELIVE IT...caps X_X
it was disgusting...
im experimenting with other strings now, but atm im using ghs