Not sure if this is a stupid question or not, but how do you find out the key of your song? yes, i know, i know nothing about theory. ridicule me. this is why i ask questions.

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i find the easyiest way it to play the final chord that sounds good and finishes off the song aka Am then you got your key! or if you use a pendatonic scale in the song (for solo)the first note on theat will be the key
Depends, if you give me a sheet of tabs I wont know but if you give me it in music scale form then I can tell you. The second to last flat in the scale is the key. The last sharp in the scale, then raise that half a step to get the scale. Im not sure but this is probably only major scales. Can someone confirm this? An minor scale is halfsteps below a Major scale btw.
A lot of times, the first chord or note is the key, but that's not always the case, especially in jazz. You probably already know that every key contains certain chords. Check out the Theory sticky in the Musician Talk forum to learn how to find out what key cvhords are in.

The basic chords of a key are:


So for the key of C, the basic chords are Cmaj, Dmin, Emin, Fmaj, Gmaj, Amaj, Bdim.

Understand? Good. Now, take a basic song, say, Kryptonite from 3 Door Down. It's basic chords are Bmin, Gmaj, and Amaj. That screams the key of D (D maj, E min, F#min, Gmaj, Amaj, Bmin, Cdim).

And that's the basics for finding key!
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