It seems that singing and playing the guitar would be like impossible unless a few notes keeps repeating.The song I'm trying to learn has different patterns, so.. any tips?
Do it sloooow. Learn the guitar part first, practice it to the point where it just comes to you. Once you can do that, try singing over it. Don't try to focus on one other than the other. Listen to them as a whole as if you were a sound guy.
Unfortunately thats the only tip I can think of too.

No-one said this is easy! lol
practice makes perfect. It's hard, but if you practice the guitar part enough, you can "forget about it" and sing.
is it chords or lead? if chords, just make sure you get the strumming pattern down (down beats (1,2,3,4) are downstrokes, and upbeats (the 'ands') are upstrokes.
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yeah i try to do it when im alone sometime but keeping rythm is too hard, i usually speed up the guitar
start with an easier song. Find some chords for a song you really like and just play those along first then slowly start trying songs with actually strumming patterns and so on. Seriously start small.
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Are there any tricks when you play 1 chord at a time and not hit the chord below by accident?