Ok, so, I've pretty much decided that I'll sell my Jackson DK2T (currently acting as my backup guitar) because several things about it are annoying me - neck pickup, bolt-on neck joint, the feel of the neck itself, the cheap hardware. If/when I do I'd like to go for an ESP/LTD Eclipse as I love the shape and feel of the guitar and I couldn't be happier with my FX400. Since ESPs are so stupidly overpriced in Europe I'm thinking that if I import from the US, even after biting the bullet of high shipping charges and running the risk of Customs & Excise slapping another hundred quid+, I still stand to save anything up to £200 on even the cheapest European dealers.

I started out looking at the LTD EC1000. This is a wonderful guitar and everything that I'm looking for. It plays beautifully, sounds great and I can get one for around $700-$750 dollars (£350-375) before shipping and customs. I'd pay £700+ from Thomann, £765 from GAK and £850 from my local guitar shop (!). So, it's very tempting.

Then, however, my eye was drawn by the ESP Standard Eclipse II which I can get for around $1100. I have to admit that part of the alure of this guitar is the fact that its an actual ESP but I dont think I'd be willing to shell out an extra £200 just for a name. So tell me, is there a noticeable difference in quality between the top end LTDs and the ESP Standards? On paper the difference doesn't seem that great but can anyone who has played both actually quantify the quality difference, if any, for me?

BTW, if all you have to say is 'LTDs sux' or that of course the ESP is going to be better then don't bother. I know enough to be aware that name alone is no indicator of quality.
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LTD sux lolz!

Nah just kidding. I have a ESP LTD EC-1000 and I've had it about a year. It's been great quite honestly. Very good everything. I've never played the ESP so sorry but I can't see you going wrong with the LTD, especially at that price. I got it for about £850 so it seems like you have a bargin! On Wikipedia it says that they're all basically the same but it's probably best to try them both if you can and go for whatever suits you.
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Seriously wtf was that?
Well I assume it's quality of everything will be upped, it may feel better there are all these things usually (remember I said Usually) price=quality.
22 frets is just fine, I like the generally shorter scale LP neck and I play mostly rhythm anyway and don't often get as far down as 24

The Edwards is really nice, I'll consider it, thanks.
"It's not a beard, it's an animal I've trained to sit very still" - Bill Bailey
I have the ESP LTD EC-1000 (the version with seymore duncans). I got it from GAK for £650. it's my second guitar in 5 years and I really like it, it feels beautiful to play. I couldn't imagine the ESP version being much better.