Okay, so heres my problem. I have a tube amp that I love, but it can't handle distortion. At all. It has amazing cleans, though. So what I was thinking was to buy ANOTHER amp, one that has really good distortion and not so good cleans, and use an A/B box to switch between them, like two seperate channels. I have a couple of questions about this though.
1.) What is the best A/B box out there?
2.) If I ran my setup as follows, would my effects go into both amps?
Guitar>octaver>MXR Distortion III>Wah>Delay>A/B box>Amp, Amp.
3.)How quickly and silently does an A/B box switch between amps?
Thanks alot in advance.
After thinking about it, it would be easier and cheaper to build an a/b box. They're not that hard. You could make it true bypass as well.