This song is made of so many different genre's and keys, its a bit crazy, but i think its cool. It also sounds pretty cool if you listen to it with the Realistic sound engine on.
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Some of that is crazy...

Awesome song though, nice job.

Also, hooray for first posts
It's really long as well...

How long did it take you to write all of this O.O
Absolutly crazy but very very good. The drum fills were excellent as were the harmonies. Im not normally a fan of this speed genre but ill make an excepton here although i think only a machine could play that for such a length. Mine songs just below urs so check it out.
Wow, that was freaking insane.

I loved it.

The only problem I see with it, is that as far as I know, that would be nearly, if not impossible to play.
I would cry tears of joy if I ever saw a band play that

If you assembled some kind of sub-genre spanning metal super group It could happen haha. Some of the bass fills were absolutely insane but you could probably find some kid some where who could play it
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You crammed almost every type of metal into one epic song. I really liked. It actually kind of reminded me of The Dark Eternal Night by Dream Theater just a little bit.


Hey, thanks guys, as far as i know, this song probably is impossible, it was meant that way, cuz everytime i find my self bored outta hell, i just get on to guitar pro and make up random **** like this, i imagine the only people who could attempt this would be Petrucci, Manring, Portnoy and god himself, thanks for checkin it out!
This is sweet.

Nice riffs, but the drums seem kind of off in some places.

At 55 it starts getting pretty sweet though.

Nice shreddng at 63-67.

I like how you just startd adding in random bongos lol.

Nice acoustic part.

WOAH! the bass at 109-113 was KICK ASS!

What is this, pop punk?

Some nice arppegios here.

Well yeah... I'm not going to do an in depth crit fr this whole thing..... but goodjob lol.
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I am assuming you can play all of this. It's still great. Bar 160 sounds pretty sweet. Bar 178.. wtf? You went up to the 25th fret on bar 205 aswell, idk what you plan on doing there. :P . Bar 249, pretty cool again. Bar 280 had some potential. Can wait to hear a recording.

Crit mine?

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dude this is so insane, i love your ****in bass work!!!

that was so ridiculously awesome!!! although it could only really be pulled off by the people you mentioned :p
and that clean solo around bar 194 was really cool

can't get enough of your bass work though!!! so nice!!
love the stuff around 256 and further!
i love the whole thing!!

haha! bar 362 and past took me a little by surprise, love it though!


crit mine?
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i know i left 3, but ive just bin really lookin for crit and theres not much of it incoming

dont have to crit em all though, one is fine
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its not pop punk, its just different stlyes of metal throughout

There was a section that sounded like pop-punk. And other sections that were cleary not metal.

Anyway, I didn't like this. It felt like you strung a bunch of unconnected ideas together just for the sake of it. Some of the stuff was good but didn't work in the song.
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Normally this isn't my style but I really like this, especially pages 5, 6, and 7.

Great work!