I have two brief questions, to which I found no answer using the search bar.

I own a B-52 AT 112, which as a very nice amp for the money, however I believe the speaker is just a stock B-52 thing. My first question is if a new speaker, say a celestion vintage 30 would greatly improve my sound, or if it won't affect my tone all that much.

My second question, is if getting a cabinet will make this amp louder. Some say having more speakers produces more volume, others say it simply disperses the sound better without getting any louder.

Lastly, would it be better to change the speaker, or get a cabinet? (if the cabinet isn't louder because I have neighbors to consider.)

Thanks in advance!
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Well, the cabinet will seem louder if you get a 212. I would change the speaker personally. Having a cab is just more space being taken up and an extra thing to move for gigs and stuff. Unless you want 212. In that case, get the cab but be warned, it will seem a bit louder because more air is being moved.
First of all, yes, a vintage 30 will improve your sound and compared to the stock speaker i think you will be able to hear the difference pretty easily. Adding a cab does disperse the sound better and to most it appears louder because it is spread out better. ( such as why a surround sound stereo sounds fuller than a 2 channel ). It will not add that much volume so I would say pick up a nice 2x12 cab with some vintage 30s. Check out avatar cabs 2 vintage 30s and cab for 300 bucks, you cant go wrong.
Dude, I'm in the same boat as you. The stock in my B-52 is too damn harsh, and I don't get the tight bass response out of it that I want. I'm looking at Eminence speakers, and you can go to thier website, http://www.eminence.com/soundclips.asp, and listen to sound clips of each of thier speakers in a clean, overdriven, and metal setting. The Governor is their take on the V30, but with smoother highs.
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I agree on the bass response. When I turn my lows up, it just takes over everything, and keeps sounding when I palm mute for too long. So different speakers will solve this problem?
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eminence governor. will sound better than what you have now. also, the sensitivity is off the roof, its a loud speaker.