I am planning to buy a new amp pretty soon and am pretty clueless about what I should get. I have around $500 usd and just got a gibson studio as a gift. I have no Idea what to get. I play a lot of zeppelin, svr, pink floyd, blues. and other cleaner stuff.

Any suggestions?

Perhaps a used Peavey Classic 30? I'm sure one of those would be a good choice. You might even be able to get one new for that price.
i say get a crate palominov32 with the 1x12
its 500 new and the clean is amazing and the distortion is perfect for the old classic metal and for blues and blues rock
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I'd recommend something with tubes rather than solid state, specially for playing stuff by bands you mentioned. Second (or third) hand , I find, is the way to go.
check out the PV Classic 30 and the Palomino V32, but dont forget laneys and traynors.

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