i thought it was a shielding problem, but i realized the buzz is only when i'm in front of my computer.
what can i do??
dont go near computer?
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dont go near computer?


also i find it cuts down the amount of noise when i turn away from it slightly, turn your sitin posish slightly and it might cut out it down a bit, otherwise dont sit infront of the comp thats it
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i can't do that because i have no teacher. i am teaching myself through the computer.
any more ideas??
don't worry bout it too much, if your just learning. worry bout buzzing when ur not around the computer.
Switch your guitar down when you're not playing.

Volume is good for one thing only, and that is stopping the buzzing whilst you're not playing.
its because of magnetic interference or sumthing from the PC, u allso get it from tvs, and big electrical systems..
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turn off the computer...
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Put the gain down. When learning guitar, start clean. That leads to accuracy to positioning and all that stuff. When you get good at something, thats when you use gain. You can also print your stuff. Also, don't try to do things fast. Start slow, you get get faster buy going slow, trust me!
the magnetic field from your computer screen is interfeering with the pickups on your guitar... try changing to a LCD screen or buy humbucking single coils...
All you can do is stay further away from your computer. Your TV will do it too. Depending on how well your house is grounded, sometimes just plugging your amp into the same circuit as your TV or your computer will give you just as much (or more) buzz as standing near your computer. It something that can't be stopped, so just stand back a couple steps and you will be fine.
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If your computer monitor is a CRT, and you're playing near it, yes it will buzz. When you're gonna record, remember the shortcut keys of the program and use it instead of the mouse. And turn the monitor off.
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I think it vibrates at a cetain resonance.
I believe...in theory, if you played loud enough, it could shatter or something like that.

Yeah probably.
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Are you using a CRT monitor? I am and my EMGs pick up the buzz from the screen.. Hopefully I will get a LCD screen soon and it won't buzz anymore.
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