I've been getting guitar lessons for about 5 months now,(that's also just about as long as i've played too) and my guitar teacher started giving my intervals to fill out. He's givin me the paterns Major and minor intervals, but he never told me how they relate to music, so im just filling in the blanks from B to B but having no clue what it means. So could anyone tell me what intervals are and how they relate to music/guitar.
intervalls is basicly the distance between two tones.
there are eight intervalls in music for example in the C major scale


every tone in the scale has a diiferent distance between them and that difference is what music is all about. but i feel that if i try to explain this it will only end upp in a mess instead try reading the Crusade column here on UG there's a guy who can explain properly!
on the homepage a bit down next to the threads just to the left theres a column called the ceusade part 4 applying them intervalls click there then go to the bottom of the text and click on the link to the crusade part one
Intervals are the difference between different notes in a scale. Intervals are defined as: first, seconds, thirds, fourths etc. Lots of these can be minor or major, diminished, perfect or augmented.

Consider the third - the third note of either a minor or major scale. In a minor scale, the interval between the root note (= first) and the third is one and a half step (multiply steps by two to find amount of frets, in this case: 3 frets). In a major scale, it's two steps (4 frets).

You can also take a third from a third - i.e. you take the third of the root, and then the third of that again. The third of a third is a fifth of the root, and this note along with the third (of the root) defines what a chord is. A chord with only three notes like this is called a triad. This will give you four options:

- Major triad: major third and perfect fifth, ex. x542xx (D major)
- Minor triad: minor third and perfect fifth, ex. x532xx (D minor)
- Diminished triad: minor third and diminished fifth, ex. x531xx (D dim)
- Augmented triad: major third and augmented fifth, ex. x543xx (D aug)
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