i play mostly metalcore stuff.
like As I Lay Dying, The Devil Wears Prada, Norma Jean, August Burns Red...etc..
that kind of stuff. and i really need to know a good wireless conection.
so what is the best one i can get that is cheap? (like between $100-200 if possible)
and how much is it?
cause i have no idea how much they cost.
any help would be awesome. thanks a bunch.
Never go cheap on them or they will suck your tone like a starved leech. In reallity, you are looking at serveral hundred for a decent one.
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what are some good brands i need to look for?
and what are the price ranges for a good one?
I would also like to know what the de facto, sort of "totally good-enough," RF system of choice is for single-system, short-distance, non-stage use. I see that there are several models and brands offered in the $100-$600 range online. In TV work, the wireless systems we use (Lectrosonics) are about $2,000 for a transmitter and receiver. I own one of those (used)—maybe I should just use that. I know in broadcast wireless products, generally the more you pay, the better it sounds, and the farther it transmits.

I would personally feel more comfortable with a Shure or a Sennheiser. But those are the ones on the $600 end of the range.
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Shure all the way for wireless applications. Unless you like static in your playing.

i wouldnt be going too far from it. just like 20ft at the most.
thanks for all your help. ill look up Shure whenever i get the money.
thanks again.