Tommorow I have to go to a lesson right after school with my acoustic guitar. I live in Michigan and it's a bit cold, but the weather can change really fast. My question is, would it be safe to leave the guitar in my car all day? If it's not, I would be able to carry it around in school all day, which I would prefer not to do, but I'll do anything to keep it from being damaged. Another thing I'm a little worried about, but probably shouldn't be, is about it being stolen, but that doesn't really happen a lot because I live in a relatively nice area. One idea I had was to leave it in a sleeping bag all day, which would keep it warm and also hide it. Any other ideas or should I just walk around with it?
I live in Michigan too. It is far too cold right now to leave your guitar in the car
even in a sleeping bag. Just carry it
I plays guitars.
sleeping bags don't produce heat, they just trap your body heat in them and make it harder for the heat to escape, so that would not help at all
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your guitars probably not going to die. The strings will probably go out of tune, so make sure you have a tuner handy. Just keep it in its case and park your car in a shady place. Then put the guitar in the boot or make sure it is covered with something (not something black!!!!) to keep it further in shade. Also if you have any of those reflector thigns that you put on your windshield when you park your car use that, just general keeping your car cool business.

It'll be fine if your smart about it and dont leave your car parked in the middle of the sun

in fact, last time i was camping we were getting to temperatures around 35 during the day some days and then cos its on a river the temp would get down to VERY low during the night, the guitar lived in the car/one of the tents for quite a few days, and it was fine, just had to tune it when i picked it up.