i was thinking about getting one of these for christmas as i am starting to think about recording stuff and they seemed liek a pretty good deal for the price they are. i was just wondering can you still record vocals on the GX model as thats the only one that comes under my budget its says on Gak it can but i'm not sure if thats accurate or not.
Yeah man it's a really good buy, I think. Good quality piece of kit. I think you can plug a mic in the GX so you can record vocals.
I think it can but you need this:

I'm not sure if it will work though...

Overall the XU1 is much better IMO

BTW this should be in Riffs & Recordings.
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i was going to get one too! well no need for me to start a thread about it now. lol. im prolly gonna get one of the two lower priced ones.
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The toneport is awesome, I bought the UX-1 when it came out and still use it today. The GX is a great model. You can still use a microphone with this as well, you'll just need either a microphone with a 1/4" audio cable attached, or an adapter that goes from XLR to 1/4".

You'll love that the thing, the guys at Line6 know how to please customers.