what are mini humbuckers in comparison to 490R and 498T alnico magnet humbucker pickups
( http://www.guitarcenter.com/Gibson-Les-Paul-Studio-Electric-Guitar-100161084-i1149146.gc )

like what is the difference in tone

and also difference between 490R and 498T alnico magnet humbucker pickups
and alnico classic (http://www.guitarcenter.com/Epiphone-B-Stock-Les-Paul-Standard-Electric-Guitar-101392165-i1149996.gc)

Mini humbuckers are just another kind of pickup, like P90's and Filtertrons...you'd only buy them if you had a guitar that came stock with mini humbuckers, like a Firebird.
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The link is broken, but if your talking about Single Coil sized HBs, I'm prtty usre you vcna put them in any gutiar that uses SCs.

The lead guitarist from one of my favorite band, the pillows, has a Single Coil sized Seymour Duncan JB in his Mustang.
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