I want to turn my current rig into something more midi based and this looked like it would help me out, only problem is its discontinued. Is there anything else like this? Maybe another suggestion that would suit all my needs?

I need, essentially, one floor board with multiple switches that controls my g-major and my amp channels, loop and solo functions on my dual rec and i need 2 loops for a rack wah and my gmajor. example of what i'll need: Pedal 1 will be straight hi-gain channel, no loop. peda 2 with be straight hi-gain no loop with solo function. pedal 3 will be the same thing as 2 except with wah on. pedal 4 will be clean with effect preset 47 on my g-major, but no wah. pedal 5 will be clean with effect preset 6 on my g-major. etc... How would you set up a rig like this?