Yea, im trying to decide between the highway one and a standard american stratocaster.

im goin to be playing rock and blues. so im goin to be playing anywhere from pretty distorted to very clean. don't the highway ones have a better distorted sound on the SSS models than typical SSS standards?

but yea i just wanted to kno why you chose your guitar. thanks
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I tested a Highway One recently and thought it was really good - almost as good as a standard. I found the neck more comfortable on the H1 but the pickups werent quite as good - very little in it mind (was playing through a hot rod deluxe - awesome with a strat for cleans). Finish feels a little odd if you're used to gloss finishes. Definately worth having a look at - especially considering the price v. a standard.
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I have a Highway One Stratocaster. I think it sounds great, and I couldn't quite afford an American Standard. The Nitrocellulose finish is beautiful as well.
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I picked mine because it was on sale for $430. I wasn't even in the market for a strat, but a MIA for the price of a MIM was too much to pass up. I instantly fell in love with the thing, and yes the middle pick up on it (especially 2006+) is much hotter than a standard. Not exactly a traditional strat but it's neck and bridge pup are pretty traditional at least.