I want some 6L6 tubes that will give me a nice bright tone without lots of background noise. I'm using Electro Harmonix at the moment and they are too dark. I've had JJ's in for a couple weeks and they were even darker. There were Tung-sol tubes in the amp when I got it and they sounded great at low volume but they were really fuzzy (in a bad way) when the amp was cranked. What do you guys suggest? I want bright with smooth distortion and without lots of background noise.
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they are "chunky" sounding by nature.

I know. It not the chunky tone I'm trying to get away from. The Tung-sol tube would fizz and crackle you they are really pushed hard and that's not the same as chunky. I guess I'm trying to get the best of Electro Harmonix and Tung-sol. I want the smoothness of Electro Harmonix and the brightness of Tung-sol if thats possible.
Not taking any online orders.
Look for some NOS ones, I'm guessing the Tung Sol's were NOS and thats probably why they had noise. You might have to make a compromise, try getting a noise gate.

If you don't want to spend like 80 bucks on a pair of NOS tubes, look at TAD (tube amp doctor). It's a new brand but Fuchs, Dr.z, and two rock have been using them lately.
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