Hy everyone. I'm supposed to think of Christmas ideas and i need a distortion pedal so I was wondering... What is a good distortion pedal and how much??? Thx in advance
I have a Digitech Metal Master. It sounds nice, and you can tailor the distortion in many different ways to make it sound whatever kind of distortion you want, not just metal stuff. My only complaint is since its a digital pedal it eats batteries like I eat cookies, so you pretty much need a power cable for it, but you can get a single one for like 15 bucks or something, i think.
it all depends on what you play, metal get a metal muff, blues get a tube screamer, classic rock big muff
Whats your price range? If you have no limit you could go for those tube distortion pedals like the Damage Control ones which are supposed to sound really good. There's tons of good pedals here http://www.pedalspluseffectswarehouse.com/Distortion_s/47.htm and i've been listening to the sound clips and trying to decide on my own distortion pedal lol.
zvex fuzz factory is awesome but a pretty penny, or for an even prettier penny you can get the one with the theremin antenna
If you can stretch for it Zvex also has a Box Of Metal coming out, i watched the clips today, sounded nice.
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