How do you feel about not making one thread for each goddamn bass you're interested in and make one just for you outlining what bass you want next and we'll help you in there?

Yeah? You're getting on my nerves. I might suggest you to be on's lynch list.

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All forum antics aside,

I think Metalmans are good basses, they sound fine, but are a tad simplistic for my tastes. I wish they had more than one pickup (most don't) and came in more colors. They also seemed a tad fragile to me. The thing to remember about them is that they are usually $300-$400 basses, and you get what you paid for. They are not the best, but they are usable.
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I played one. The body felt light and almost hollow, while the neck shape was very Warwick like, and with the maple wood and semi-gloss finish, it didn't feel nice to me. The neck did feel sturdier than the body. The tone? It was a passive bridge humbucker, and it didn't befriend me at all.
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