By mid range I mean between their SE models and their €2,000-2,500+ models.

Anyway is there any singlecut or standard models for about €1,500? I've been looking everywhere and can't find this kind of price. I know PRS's are expensive but there seem to be a big gap in their prices...
The CE series are modestly priced. PRS have cut corners on this one though (although my opinion) by using bolt on necks. Soundwise I have no complaints. It provides more 'quack' than the stereotypical smooth PRS drive sound with a tastful midrange, but its still a proper PRS.
It really depends...if you're talking about the British PRS market, I believe you guys get raped on the pricing...sorry about that

NOTE: All these prices are in US Dollars!!!!

The SE models are ~$600 US.

The USA Models range anywhere from $900 to $10,000....depending on the specific model, and whether you're purchasing new or used. Most models tend to be in the $1500-$2500 bracket.

I've seen some used CE models go for $900....it's a USA PRS, and holds up with their more expensive brothers just fine...only difference is a bolt on neck and lack of cosmetics. They still look great! Not as flashy though

Anywhere from $1300 to $2500, you're looking at all the major PRS Models....Standards, Customs, Singlecuts, etc. I just purchased a USA McCarty Standard for $1250 used, but in immaculate condition. My 20th Anniversary Singlecut was $1800 used, but all in perfect condition.

So, the price bracket isn't as wide as you'd think. Hunt, and you will find....there are some GREAT deals out there....my McCarty was a STEAL at the price I got it for!
The british may get raped but the irish get gang-raped! Judging from things I've bought in NI compared to the rest of Ireland!

The SE's go for about €740 the only non-SE models I have seen are at €2,700+

I was looking on a german site for prices but haven't looked into used as it will be a few months before I actually buy.

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Yeah I'm going for the sc 250 satin Soooooo nice. They have a load in Denmark Street, if you ever find yourself in London.

How much are the SC250s going for in England?