Hey UG, I've got two questions(as the title implies)

1)I'm thinking about buying a Epiphone LP standard. But which one I'm not sure. What's the difference(besides cosmetically) between the black finish and the translucent finish(es). The black is 399 USD and the translucent is 499. Is there any difference in tonal quality or anything?

2) I'm probably getting a Fender Frontman 212R for Christmas(I hope). Would the LP standard and the amp be a good combination for rock, hard rock, and maybe metal and hardcore?

thanks guys

There won't be any tonal difference, the maple top is just a very thin laminate, not even real wood.

For god's sake please don't get a new epiphone LP, they're made of alder for crying out loud!

Try finding a used one or an Agile at rondomusic.com

And don't get a Fender SS amp, buy an epi valve junior or another small tube amp.
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There shouldn't be a tonal different, one's just harder to paint. Maybe since it's that much of a price difference one has different pickups.

I don't have experience with that specific amp. I'm not sure if that'd be the best choice for the harder things you intend to play.
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I don't know about the combination of amp and guitar, it would probably be OK. The difference in price between the black finish and the translucent ones is just due to the costs of the materials used in the different finishes. I have an Epi LP standard with the cherry burst finish, and I think it looks really good, but keep in mind that the colors aren't really as bright as in the photos online. For instance, the bright red outer edges on the cherry burst are really much darker in person, at least in my case. Good luck picking one, can't go wrong in my opinion.