Does anybody know of any affordable fender jaguars of jazzmasters? I really really want one, but their cheapest one is 1400. Then they have that one with humbuckers, but I'm not into that, I like single coils. Do they plan on making cheaper ones? the ideal price would be under 800. If there aren't any, what are some good knockoff ones.

Interesting you ask this because i was just looking into this yesterday, i had no luck though, sorry im of no help.....
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You're in america right? In the UK you can get a jazzmaster for about £400 which works out at about $800 which is strange because stuff in the UK is normally much more expensive.
I know!I really want a Jazzmaster being a big Sonic Youth,Dinosaur Jr. fan,but all of them except the J Mascis sig are over $1000.
I also really want a jazzmaster and i'm buying one once i have saved enough, even though i only been playing 3 months!