So this is what ive learned and use often:

Pentatonic (zomgz!)...
Most of the hand techniques... pull / hammers, alt and sweep picking... all those... you know...

basically, the only things i really use when i play rock and blue solos are pentatonic scales and licks...

I dont know why... but it doesnt sound good enough... what else do people use? like... SRV does he only use pentatonic when he plays his stuff? i dont think so....?

Also, suppose im playing leads in A minor pentatonic... how do i know what chords or things i can play for rhythm?
try www.jguitar.com

always helpful for chords and scales and crap.
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that site is pretty kickass dude.

but due to the amount of information on it, it seems overwhelming.

shows that there's lots of exploration and experimentation that can be done with it, though.
So what do i play in blues... say A minor... other than the A minor pentatonic...
what about in rock?

And to figure out what chords I can play while soloing in A minor.... do i need to go study theory?
Yes you do...you can't properly learn scales without knowing both the major scale and the notes on the fretboard. Without those two bits of knowledge you can only learn scales as seemingly arbitrary fingering patterns, you won't actually have a clue what to do with them
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