Great amp!! It's a pretty loud, but thats okay, It has a great warm meaty sound!! I also got it for the sale at guitar center, so it was still 20% even though its supposed to be on black friday, but doesnt matter got the sale early, ended up paying only like 740$ insted of 900$

A great sound, I've turned up a good amount around, 8 and it gets a real nice breakup sound, i heard once it gets really high it gets pretty harsh, but thats casue the tubes, so later I'm going to replace them if i feel it need be,

Check it out!
^the harsh tone is as much the speakers as it is the tubes. If you got some alnico celestions it would smoothout a lot. Still... It's a very nice amp.
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ya I havent had the real ability to truly crank it all the way, but Later ill get things changed and messed with to sound better, but it still sounds really really nice