You use primer to make sure yur color stays true, but there must be a difference between primer and paint, or everyone would you use white paint as primer.
Well, we were painting my friend's bass and did this. What happened was that we didn't sand off all the paint, so we left a thin layer of blue on there. When we were painting (priming), the parts that had gone to this light blue layer shone through and sort of dripped down. We wasted about a full can of primer trying to cover it, and then with one layer of paint covered it in one go. So it's not the best idea IMO.

That was on a midnight blue squier P-Bass, if youre wondering.
I paint guitars quite often (sometimes for s h i t s and giggles) and i have left a primer as the paint on one coat and it looks fine as long as its sanded down right and stuff.

Just so you know, dont use Krylon.
Primer directly in contact with clear coat is a no-no. My dad's done auto body since he was 17 and I just asked him.
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primer,paint,clear. trust me. if you dont know this then you probably should not be taking on the project. just pay someone to do it that has a paint gun(and knows how to paint). dont use or let anyone use that garbage out of a can on it. that stuff chips off so easy as opposed to scratching.
Uh-Oh LOL i havent seen any problem, and its mostly little parts so hopeuflly they dont ammmount to something toooooo big. If they do. whatever new design anyone? lol
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...if you dont know this then you probably should not be taking on the project...
That's not always true. It's possible to have impressive skills and great knowledge of techniques regarding finishing without necessarily knowing everything about chemical reactions between the components. I'm fully capable of doing quite intricate stenciling jobs and freehand stuff too, but I couldn't have answered his question (which was a pretty honest dealio).