Hey guys, I'm looking for some mellow acoustic melodies that i could play. I'm looking for some stuff to play in the background while a guy is talking (like at church). Just some simple stuff, like finger picking around in some GCD chords or something like that. Just anything that sounds good and is kind of "emotion grabbing". If anyone could show me a good place to get some tabs of this kind of stuff i would greatly appreciate it!

iv found that playing canon is quite nice, like not goin through the whole song but just the first four chords and playin over and over. i dont know what version of it i play though, as iv downloaded a file that came with 49,000 GuitarPro tabs and the canon i play for some reason was in the Joe Satriani folder lol.

and i also find that Fade Out Street Spirit is quite good too, repetitive but easy and sounds good in the background.
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